Audio Doorbell


  • Doorbell design with 36 ringtones and 5 welcomes doorbell rings for personal preferences. 4 levels volume adjustable(Loud/ High/ Middle/ Low ) from 113~25dB.
  • Welcome, alarm, doorbell and night light mode, 5 in 1 automatic door chime. With 4 colors LED light, Color/ Red/ Blue/ Green can distinguish multiple entrances by different light colors.
  • The transmission range is up to 280m/918ft and detection range approximately 2~8m/ 6.6~26ft to effectively keep you alerted.(Please note that this not waterproof.Keep it away from rains or cover adequately.just place the sensor at the entrance to your driveway and the receiver inside your home.)
  • Place the receiver indoor and put the sensor at other places, such as door entrance, home mailbox, driveway, walking paths, apartment, office, hotel, store, and many other indoor places.
  • Receiver is self-adhesive installation, the detector is wall mounted. Use batteries or micro USB power supply. Before using, please read the manual carefully and put in batteries (not included), adjust the sensor's angle to avoid false alarming.


What is the power source of this device?

This product can be powered by a 5V USB power adapter or 3 AAA dry batteries.

Why there is no sound from my device?

  1. Make sure the sensor is turned on
  2. Make sure the battery is fully charged

Why cannot I paste the audio file onto the device via Micro USB?

  1. Please make sure that the Micro USB cable is a 4PIN data cable.
  2. Wait for at least 6 seconds before moving files into the device; loading the removable disk takes some time.

Not working? False alarming? Short sensing distance?

  1. Wait for 6 seconds after powering on the device.
  2. PIR sensor on the device works best when the temperature is around 0-33℃. Please do not install the device near air conditioners, fans, and other places with fluctuating temperatures.
  3. Device can act weird if the battery is low, change the battery to fix the problem.

Why is the audio stuttering?

  1. Please confirm whether the bit rate of the MP3 audio file is within the range of 16-320Kpbs.
  2. Please check whether the battery has enough power. Low voltage from the power source may impact the performance of the device.

Where can I buy this product?

You can find online from our amazon store or Best Buy store for Canadian shoppers. Also can directly contact us.

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