Recordable Sound Module

Recordable Sound Module

This recordable sound module is unique due to the 3 AG13 batteries in it. The battery lasts 200% longer than the average battery and performs well for both high and low pitch with a usage time between 2 to 3 hours. It also comes with a touch sensor and can store audio files for up to 300 seconds.

Product details:

  1. Working voltage: 2.0V ~ 5.5V;
  2. Automatically enter sleep mode when not working;
  3. The button function has functions such as long-press recording, short-press and short-button playback, long-press and short-button loop playback, and long-press hold for non-loop playback;
  4. The power amplifier directly pushes the speaker, with high volume, high-fidelity, power saving, 0.5 W/8ohm;
  5. It has the function of recording and playback prompts, and can be connected to LED display;
  6. Sampling frequency 16KHz, bit rate support 12kbps, 16 kbps (default for standard key program), 24kbps;
  7. Single module can record, the longest recording is 70S at 12kbps bit rate; the longest recording is 50S at 16kbps bit rate;
  8. The longest recording time at 24kbps bit rate is 30S;


If the standard functions of the module cannot meet the needs of customers, the module can be developed to customize some functions. If you need to develop customized functions, you need to list the required functions first, and then send them to our technical consultation for evaluation. After the evaluation is passed, an engineer will contact the customer to develop the corresponding function. Some common functions are listed below.

1. Increase the number of recording segments and the corresponding button functions, such as adding 5 recordings, button for the next song, etc.

2. Change the default control mode when power on, for example, when the module is powered on, it will start to play the recorded files in a large loop.

Pin Details:


 Pad NamePad No.ATTR.Description
PA21I/OBUSY signal output
PA12I/OTwo-wire serial port clock signal input terminal/one-wire serial port data signal input terminal/digital pulse data signal input terminal
PA03I/O Two-wire serial port data signal input
PWM-5outPWM output pin
PWM+/DAC7I/OPWM, PAC ouput pin

Example Application Scenario:

Applied forFunction
Oven-Voice Reminder
Microwave-Voice Reminder
Refrigerator-Voice Reminder
Radio-Voice Play
Media Player-Voice Play
Dashcam-Voice Reminder
Medical Devices-Stream Media
 Elevator-Voice Reminder
Smart Home-Voice Reminder
Security Sensor-Voice Reminder
Recorder-Voice Recording

Part No.FunctionCapacityAudio QualityOutputCustom Level
WT588F02A/B-8SAudio writeable, custom function170 sIntermediateDAC/PWMHigh
WT588F08A-8SAudio writeable, programmable680 sIntermediateDAC/PWMHigh
WT588F02A-16SAudio writeable, custom function170 s ~ 3 HIntermediateDAC/PWMHigh
WTN6XXXOTP40 s ~ 170 s HighDAC/PWMCustom
WTN6040F-8SAdequate Supply40 s IntermediateDAC/PWMCustom
WTN1 serialAffordable, short audio10 s ~ 40 sHighDAC/PWMN/A
WT588S/HXX-16SSingle chip with large capacity Flash320 s ~ 1280 sHighDAC/PWMLow

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