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MicroSound Voice Motion Sensor


  • Motion sensor audio player ' s detection range is up to 13ft(4m), 120° view angle. It will trigger the sound remind you when someone or animals enter and move in the monitored area.
  • Music files can be customized, Download MP3 or WAV music files by computer. (Recommend the Windows 7 ) MP3 audio files playback, single track or multiply play.This product only supports USB data cable to replace voice, not TF card.The card slot is for decoration only.
  • Indoor Festival music decorations , entrance door greeting, driving animals soundbox or alert. Install front doors, window frames, driveways, and anywhere you want to be playing music to motion.
  • Recommend install about 5 feet above the ground and 3ft far from the door-frame. Customize your chimes, sounds as you wish! Included mounting screws, ball mounting accessories, USB cable.
  • Operates with 3 AAA batteries (Not Included) and optional to be plugged in DC5V (USB Cable Included) for external power supply.Feel free to contact us by e-mail directly, happy to help with you.


How to update audio?

  1. Convert the voice into MP3 format.
  2. Connect player to computer by USB data cable. There will be a removable disk appearing on computer.
  3. Format the “removable disk”.
  4. Open that removable disk, then copy your mp3 files to this disk. (Note: Before copying, delete all Manufacturer’s files frist, then copy your own files to this device.)

How to install it?

The package includes a wall mount.
Usually installed on the position where people pass by, for voice broadcast, voice prompt, voice alert, voice advertising, daily reminder etc. Play audio of your choice as soon as motion is detected. Detect people coming in and out, play greeting or notification sound.

How do you get it to play more than one song?

It can be uploaded multiple recordings from the computer. Make sure you don’t exceed it storage capacity.

How loud is this? Will neighbors 20 feet away be able to hear it?

We can hear it 20 feet away in our house.

Can i put this in my fridge ?

Yes.  It has a super low current draw anyway.

can the infrared detect birds?

Yes. The sensor will be detected the item about 34 to 37 temperature just like human temperatures.

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