MP3 Player Chip

WT2003H Series

Industrial grade voice chip

Rewritable and highly integrated
Integrated 4M bit storage | 0.5w amplifier

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Industrial MP3 player chip
Support 4 digits LED control
Support temperature detection
Support maximum 24 buttons extension
Package: QFN32


Industrial MP3 player chip, support high quality MP3 decoding, integrated 0.5w amplifier
Capacity Options: 80s, 300s, 600s
Sleeping Mode: ≤2μA
Working Mode: ≤6mA
Others: Rewritable voice chip, Support user Activation duration: less than 100ms
Package: SOP16/SSOP24/QFN32

WT2003W (Not support USB)

Affordable high quality Mp3 player solution, integrated 0.5w amplifier.
Capacity Options: 80s, 300s, 600s
Sleeping Mode: ≤10μA
Working Mode: ≤15mA
Output: DAC/PWM
Others: Rewritable voice chip, Support user burning custom program
Application: Smart Lock, Health, Small Appliance, Smart Home, etc.


Smart Lock


Small Appliance


MP3 Player Chip

MP3 player chips are commonly used in the world, and our WT2003S-16S MP3 chip meets this criterion. In addition, this chip supports the MP3 audio formats by producing high-quality sounds. With a default baud rate of 9600 and a standard UART interface, this chip comes with several play modes – loop playback, single-loop play, inter-cut play, folder index play, and file index play.

Product details:

  1. UART control mode: standard UART communication interface, default baud rate 9600; support SPI-Flash as memory. With file index play, interlude, single loop, all tracks loop, random play and other functions. 32-level volume adjustable, can support up to 128Mbit external Flash;
  2. One-line and two-line serial port control mode: Voice playback, stop, loop playback and volume can be controlled through the code transmitter; 8-level volume is adjustable, and SPI-Flash is supported as memory: it can support up to 128Mbit external Flash;
  3. One-line and two-line serial port control mode: After power on for 5S, it will enter into deep sleep mode by default. It needs to wake up before sending code, otherwise the first code sending command is invalid, it only acts as a wake-up command, and the second command sent within 5S is valid , you can refer to the code sending routine provided by our company;
  4. One-line and two-line serial ports, after a single voice IC enters deep sleep, the power consumption is within 5uA. At present, the recording/external flash circuit uses the internal LDO 3.3V power supply of the chip, and the power consumption is generally about 30uA – 450uA. If you need to control Within 5uA, other IO ports need to be used for power supply, custom engineering (communicate with our salesperson);
  5. Button control mode: The trigger mode is flexible, and any button can be arbitrarily set as pulse repeatable trigger, pulse non-repeatable trigger, invalid key, level hold can not be cycled, level hold can be cycled, level non-hold can be cycled, previous There are 15 trigger modes, such as no looping, no looping next song, looping previous song, looping next song, volume +, volume -, play/pause, stop, play/stop, etc. Up to 10 buttons can be used to trigger control output;
  6. It will not play by default when it is powered on; it has BUSY status indication, BUSY is usually low level, and it is high level during playback;
  7. Supports switching the audio output mode, the sample defaults to SPK output, if you need DAC output, please refer to the audio output switching B6 command for UART serial communication; one-line or two-line serial ports, send the audio switching command F4 00, for details, you can preview the function introduction section;
  8. Support voice high-quality audio format, support MP3 and WAV format, (audio bit rate supports 8kbps~320kbps) beautiful sound;
  9. Working voltage: 2.4-5.2V; ? Built-in 0.5W class D power amplifier;
  10. Two 16-bit asynchronous divider timers;
  11. Digital audio stream, IIS supports host and slave mode;
  12. An infrared remote control decoder;
    13, 16 bit high precision ADC and DAC;


SamplingIntegrated 4M bit flash(300s capacity), support external 64G TF card
Working VoltageDC 2.0V~5.5V




  1. The control mode and output mode of the chip have been set when programming the program and cannot be changed again. Before process anything, please consult technical sales for custom voice service.

Pin Details:

 Pad NamePad No.ATTR.Description
PA21I/OBUSY signal output
PA12I/OTwo-wire serial port clock signal input terminal/one-wire serial port data signal input terminal/digital pulse data signal input terminal
PA03I/O Two-wire serial port data signal input
PWM-5outPWM output pin
PWM+/DAC7I/OPWM, PAC ouput pin
Part No.Product FamilyProduct LineProduct SeriesInventoryOperationg temperature range (C)
WT2003SXX-20NAudio record and playback ICMP3 Player ChipWT2003S seriesavailable-40~70
MP3 Audio Decoder ICAudio record and playback ICMP3 Player ChipWT2003S seriesavailable-40~70
WT2003S MP3 ChipAudio record and playback ICMP3 Player ChipWT2003S seriesavailable-40~70

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