Voice Recognition Chip

Long-distance wake up

Stronger noise immunity
Recognize faster

· Affordable · Reliable · Generic

Core and Storage

  • High performance 32 bits core, 240Mhz, support floating point arithmetic.
  • Internal 1MB SPI-Flash

AI Algorithm

  1. Offline voice recognition: Offline speech recognition, using neural network algorithm, has the advantages of accurate recognition, low misjudgment rate, etc., and reliable recognition at 5 meters.
  2. Voice noise reduction algorithm: filter steady-state noise, and also have a good inhibitory effect on dynamic noise. Accurate recognition under noise
  3. Voice decoding: support MP3, WAV format


Package SSOP24/QFN32
Working Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Storage Temperature -65℃ ~ +150℃


  • 4 Multi-functional 16 timer, support catch and PWM mode
  • One fully functional UART, One SPI Interface support PC and device mode
  • Support GPIO external wake/stop

Model Selection




Smart Light

Air Conditioner




Voice Recognition Module

Get the perfect voice recognition module for greeting cards powered by AG10, AG13 batteries. It has a sound duration: of 5~600 s, with LED lights that come in 3 different colors - white, blue and red.

Part No.FunctionCapacityAudio QualityOutputCustom Level
WT588F02A/B-8SAudio writeable, custom function170 sIntermediateDAC/PWMHigh
WT588F08A-8SAudio writeable, programmable680 sIntermediateDAC/PWMHigh
WT588F02A-16SAudio writeable, custom function170 s ~ 3 HIntermediateDAC/PWMHigh
WTN6XXXOTP40 s ~ 170 s HighDAC/PWMCustom
WTN6040F-8SAdequate Supply40 s IntermediateDAC/PWMCustom
WTN1 serialAffordable, short audio10 s ~ 40 sHighDAC/PWMN/A
WT588S/HXX-16SSingle chip with large capacity Flash320 s ~ 1280 sHighDAC/PWMLow

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