Featured Chips & Modules

OTP Voice Chip | WTN6170-8S

  • Store up to 170 seconds of speech
  • Low power consumption
  • Optional PWM and DAC audio output methods

MP3 Bluetooth Module | WT2605-24SS

  • High performance stereo
  • Drive-free
  • Cost-wised
  • Support Bluetooth 5.0

Voice Recognition Module | WTK6900HM01

  • Very high speech recognition rate
  • More control commands
  • Fast recognition response time
  • Strong filtering of dynamic noise and static capability

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IC Solutions

Sound IC

Sound IC Chips:

  • OPT Voice Chip
  • Programmable Sound Chip
  • Voice Recorder Chip
  • MP3 Player Chip

With excellent IC software and hardware development capability and design experience, Waytronic upholds the concept of  “Positive innovation, Pioneering courage, Customer satisfaction, Team cooperation”, and strives to build a well-know brand in the voice and security industry.

IC Solutions

Sound Module

Sound IC Chips:

  • Recorder Sound Module
  • MP3 Module
  • MP3 Bluetooth Module
  • Voice recognition

In 2016, subsidiary company Shenzhen Waytonic Seciruty Technology Co., Ltd. was established, business scope including automotive electronic, security management, factory rafety, special vehicle safety management, forest fire-prevention, etc.

IC Solutions

Customized Solution

Waytronic provides voice product development plans for customers with custom needs, carries out the plans effectively, and completes product develoment, testing sound processing, practical application guidance, and other services.


Waytronic Chips & Modules


We have a warehouse with an area of more than 1500 square meters, and we're able to store various types of products. This means that each customer will receive their order as soon they are placed which guarantees them peace-of mind when ordering from us!

Customer Service

We're dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, which is why our team members are always willing and ready for you. They'll be there every step of the way. We understand that time is valuable, which is why we offer free voice production for VIP customers. Our team of experts will make samples and send products quickly within 24 hours so you can get back to running your business!


We are leaders in voice recording and playback ICs because we've relentlessly pursued innovation to reduce costs, while at the same time increasing stability. Our experts work tirelessly with unmatched skill for successes like these!

Technical Support

It's no secret that we're an industry leader in voice recording and playback engineering, with teams of experienced professionals who specialize across several different fields. More than 10 technical service (senior FAE) team provides technical support throughout the whole process.

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