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Consumer Products

Welcome Alarm

This type of product can send out prompts, alarms, greetings, etc. at the first time. The product can be switched to a different voice at any time to adapt to the usage scenario. This product is often used in food court, promotional outfields and other scenarios.

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Consumer Products

Voice Reminder

According to different scenarios, the voice prompter has a very wide range of product lines in order to meet the different needs of users in terms of volume, outdoor needs, and distance measurement.

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Consumer Products

Elevator Voice Reminder

The elevator voice alarm has two products: elevator and escalator. It adopts high-quality voice decoding chip, supports MP3 format audio files, integrates high-precision sensors, can accurately detect the elevator up and down and the floor where it is, and broadcast the floor by voice.

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Consumer Products

Phone Call Recorder

Call Recorder: Waytronic call recording earphone perfectly solves the problem of the iPhone without call recording function. Work with not only regular cellular calls but also popular audio calling services such as WhatsApp, Video Audio, Facebook, Skype and so on. (Only Suitable for iPhone users, with free iOS app.)

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Consumer Products


Waytronic is also actively expanding and innovating in the field of smart Internet, with smart voice patch panels, ball game voice scoring devices and other products.

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OTP Voice

OTP(One Time Programmable) means one time programmable voice chip. Voice can be only programmed once.

Programmable Sound Chip

Programmable voice chip, this kind of voice chip can be reprogrammed

Voice Recorder Chip

Voice recorder chips are a series of sound chips, which can encode the sound from microphones, audio cables, or Bluetooth

MP3 Player Chip

The MP3 player chips are audio chips that decode the MP3 file on the memory and play the sound.

Sound Module

Recordable Sound Module

Multiple recording methods, the same module can support: line recording, MIC recording, Bluetooth recording, call recording.

mp3 Module

Waytronic MP3 module is based on Waytronic MP3 Player Chip WT2003H series, WT2605 series

mp3 Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth audio recording module is an intelligent wireless audio data transmission, recording and MP3 audio playback product

Voice Recognition Module

WTK6900HM01 is the recognition module of the local voice trigger engine, which has the characteristics of low cost, high reliability, and strong versatility.

Customized IC Solution

Live Customizer

24/7, 365 days a year! If our virtual assistant cannot help you, you will be transferred to the on-site agent in the email.

Technical Consultant

Our professional technical team will answer your product-related questions ASAP, as well as provide you with after-sales technical support.

Custom Solution

WayTronic cares of custom needs, carries out the custom solution effectively, and testing, sound processing, practical application guidance.

Chip Sample

Make a decision after thorough testing! Weichuang attaches great importance to your concerns about the quality of chips, and we will provide you with a wealth of samples so that you can fully test your products before purchasing.

Technical Support

Waytronic will provide all-round technical support, including one-to-one technical tutorial, after-sales service, and troubleshooting.

Payment Method

Waytronic accepts multiple payment methods including credit card, PayPal, Alipay and Wechat, etc.