WT2605 Voice Pen Recorder

In the modern society, with the high-speed development of technology, the importance and security of information and data become more and more clear. We would like to keep record of some voice due to the needs on our life or work, so it comes the recording pen. The recording pen is more of a better chance for us compared to our cell phone due to its portability and concealment, become popular nowadays.

WT2605 Bluetooth voice chip is a playable mp3 chip developed by Shenzhen Waytronic Electronic Co., Ltd, has the ability to achieve wireless voice data transmission, recording. The scheme included this chip is in low-cost and high-efficiency, contained a powerful DSP cord(digital signal processor), specializing in recording+playing area.

That’s the reason why WT2605 has been widely applied in recording pen scheme, cooperating with another clock chip which also developed by our company and Bluetooth function, it can realize multiple functions in the same time. Except for this, WT2605 had also been used in many different occasions.

Now let’s have a deeper look at the WT2605 recording pen scheme:

The Scheme of WT2605 Recording Pen

1. The General Idea of WT2605 Voice Pen Recorder Scheme

The scheme of WT2605 voice pen recorder adopted high-quality Bluetooth BLE Chip self-developed by Shenzhen Waytronic Co., Ltd. Thanks to original phone app, it can achieve the functions of mobile phone long-range recording, monitoring the recording content in real-time, One-click conversion of recorded text. Besides, it supports periodic recording, sound control recording function. After the voice-activated recording is started, the recording pen can detect the external sound in real time. If there is sound, it will record, and if there is no sound, it will go to sleep.

2. The Design Solution

#1 Functions

WT2605 voice pen recorder scheme uses WT2605 chip for external SD card storage, which can support up to 32G storage space, 44.1KHZ sampling rate and 192KBPS recording rate, and supports environmental noise reduction to ensure clean and clear recording effect. With Bluetooth BLE chip, real-time recording content can be uploaded to the mobile phone, real-time monitoring by the mobile phone, and local recording content stored in SD card can also be specified for uploading, which is actually tested for stable transmission at 10m distance.

#2 Design Block Diagram

Picture 1. Design Block Diagram

#3 Schematic Diagram of Design

Picture 2. Schematic Diagram of Design 1
Picture 3. Schematic Diagram of Design 2

#4 The Strengths of WT2605 Voice Pen Recorder

  • supports UART transmission rate up to 1M baud rate, which meets the requirement of large data transmission;
  • supports up to 192M clock frequency;
  • supports MIC noise reduction;
  • audio codec with 16-bit DAC and 16-bit ADC;

3. User Agreement

WT2605 and APP-side interaction protocol adopt UART communication protocol of Shenzhen Waytronic bosom friend standard, which is convenient for customers to develop and update products alliteratively. WT2605 chip has built-in standard UART asynchronous serial interface, which belongs to 3.3V TTL level interface. It can be converted to RS232 level by MAX3232 chip. The format of communication data is: start bit: 1 bit; Data bits: 8 bits; Parity bit: none; Stop bit: 1 bit. Send instructions are in hexadecimal format. To use the computer serial port debugging assistant, you need to set the serial port parameters correctly, as shown in the figure:

Picture 4. serial port parameters
Start CodeLengthCommend CodeParameterAccumulation & ExaminationEnd Code

Note: “Length” refers to the length+command code+parameter+checksum, and “accumulation and checksum” refers to the lower eight bits of the accumulated sum of length+command code+parameter.

For details of the agreement, please consult Our Customer Service.

4. Operation Interface

Shenzhen Waytronic independently developed an APP for use with voice recorder, which can be provided to customers for secondary development, greatly simplifying the process of customers’ recording data processing. Customers only need a simple operation protocol to interact with voice recorder and realize customer product functions.

Picture 5. Operation Interface

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on voice technology research, Waytronic always insists on “serving engineers well”. For the goal, taking the standardization of voice interactive devices in the industry as the direction, we are committed to making complexity simple and providing fast voice and intelligence.Internet of things application solution. WT series chip application design scheme has been used in mature application cases in the fields of smart alarm clock, smart water cup, atomizer and other consumer electronics industries. The application of consumer electronics products is an important development field of the company. In the future, we will launch standardized voice chips in more industries to further enhance the design experience of engineers and empower the standardization of consumer electronics industry.

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