How Does The WT2003H Sound Chip Simplify And Standardize The Design Of Humidifiers?

With the widespread use of air conditioners and the dry weather in autumn and winter, air-conditioning diseases such as tight skin, dry tongue, coughs, and colds are caused. With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to health preservation, prevention, and health care, air humidifiers, Atomized humidifier, and other products are favored by the market. Atomized products release a large number of negative oxygen ions during the atomization process, which can effectively increase indoor humidity, moisturize dry air, have the effect of moisturizing the skin, and improve the quality of the skin. Putting aromatherapy in a humidifier can help sleep There are entertainment and some practical functions, which not only protect your health but also bring you a better life experience. The atomizing humidifier creates a good health environment for people.

Principle of WT2003H Module Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The super-audio frequency PWM pulse signal generated by the chip is amplified and boosted to drive the atomizing film. The atomizing film is transduced and vibrated with the ultrasonic frequency to disperse and atomize the water into the air to achieve the atomization and humidification effect. The module also integrates more comprehensive functions. See the WT2003H module functions below for details. The core components of ultrasonic atomization include ultrasonic generator IC, boost inductor, transducer (atomization film), and commonly used ultrasonic frequencies such as: 2.4MHZ, 2.7MHZ, 3MHZ, etc. (most of the atomization products on the market have complex design circuits, difficult to debug, unstable, and single-function).

As a source manufacturer focusing on voice technology research and related program design and development, waytronic is committed to making complexity simple, and through technological precipitation and breakthroughs, to reduce the comprehensive BOM cost of products and shorten the product development cycle. Provide fast industry standard solutions for customer engineering design teams. Wei Chuang Zhiyin has launched a product development standard application program with powerful functions, high compatibility, better quality and stability, and a reasonable price, which makes the overall cost more advantageous, and is made into a module. Technical difficulties, key points, complex difficulties, etc. have been optimized by us and assembled in the module, with comprehensive functions, higher practicability, more stable performance, simple peripheral circuits, eliminating repeated debugging time and labor, and shortening the product development cycle. Novice engineers can also get started quickly, enabling products to be mass-produced and marketed faster. (Note: A total of two solutions are provided. Solution 1: WT2003H for module solution, Solution 2: WT2003H supporting IC chip solution for customers to choose)

WT2003H module functions include

  1. Support TF, USB MP3 music playback. The external Flash in the module can be connected to the computer through the USB interface of the chip to view or modify its content, and directly download the voice in the computer to the removable drive letter simulated by Flash.
  2. Output stable 3MHZ atomized PWM pulse, with PWM pulse pre-drive amplifier output (frequency can be customized according to requirements).
  3. The high integration level can be built-in 400 seconds of music, the built-in power amplifier can directly drive 8 ohm 0.5 speakers to play, support external white noise, and music storage voice can support high-quality 32K sampling 60 minutes of voice content, can be voiced according to customer needs In the built-in memory, if a large output power is required, an external power amplifier can be connected.
  4. Touch button, 10-bit AD detection, 16-bit high-precision ADC, 16-bit high-precision DAC;
  5. Night light, diversified RGB color night light modes.
  6. DSP digital processing system, multiple IO ports can expand more functions for customers, IO can drive up to 64mA current.
  7. An infrared remote control decoder that supports automatic infrared induction turn-on mode, and automatically turns on the atomizer when infrared detection detects someone.
  8. Timing function, can be used for timing shutdown function in any of the above functions, usually 30, 60, 90 minutes, LED corresponding display, the length of the timing can be customized according to the customer.
  9. The volume is adjustable, and the volume can be displayed by LED, which is more intuitive. The highest volume level is 32 levels.
  10. The WT2003H has built-in water level detection, and the current detection method is simpler to prevent dry burning and damage to the device.
  11. The fan is driven. When it is turned on during atomization, the fan is turned on synchronously. The negative ion fan helps atomization have a better effect, and it has a better sleep aid effect with music such as aromatherapy and running water sound.
  12. UART control mode: standard UART communication interface, the default baud rate is 9600; support SPI-Flash as memory. With file index playback, interlude, single cycle, all tracks cycle, random playback and other functions. 32 levels of volume adjustable, (WT2003H chip can support external 128Mbit Flash).
  13. Audio frequency response 50HZ-10KHZ.
  14. The signal-to-noise ratio is greater than 90db.
  15. 0.1% less distortion
  16. High-quality audio field with low power consumption, high reliability, large output, wide dynamic range, low distortion, wide frequency response, and high signal-to-noise ratio.
  17. Support switching audio output mode. The sample defaults to SPK output. For DAC output, please refer to the audio output switching instruction.
  18. Support voice high-quality audio format, MP3, (audio bit rate support 8kbps~320kbps) beautiful sound.
  19. For digital audio streaming, IIS supports host and slave modes.

You may want to know

  1. The power supply of the module is 4-5.2V, and 100U and 104 capacitors are added to the ground near the power supply terminal of the module.
  2. Q3 uses low voltage to turn on the large MOS tube. If the atomizing power is high, it is recommended to use the package to start the MOS tube with low voltage TO-252.
  3. Q3 ground and inductance ground should not be short-circuited with the module ground, but should be brought to the negative electrode of the filter capacitor of the mains ground.
  4. Use 2UH+10UH for the three-terminal inductor, and connect the long pin of the common terminal to the D pole of the MOS tube.
  5. The three-terminal inductor and MOS tube are as far away from the module as possible, and separated and grounded to reduce interference.
  6. 220U and 104 capacitor filter are added to the inductor power supply terminal.

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