Humidifier Sleeper Sound Solution: Chip WT2003H B007 By Waytronic

WT2003H B007 chip empowers humidifier sleeper, single-chip can realize voice broadcast + ultrasonic atomization drive + touch function.

In autumn and winter, the weather becomes abnormally dry, and our body will be in a state of water shortage.

Drinking more water can alleviate the water shortage. How to improve the air in the environment is particularly important in the dry season.

What I want to talk about today is how to design a simple humidifier to make you “moisturize” in autumn and winter.

Ultrasonic atomizer is a component that uses the principle of ultrasonic atomization to work.

Because it is usually used as the core component of humidification products, it is also called ultrasonic atomization accessory, or atomization accessory for short.

Ultrasonic frequency generally requires a fixed frequency such as 2.4MHZ, 2.7MHZ, 3MHZ, etc.

This requires an oscillator circuit (complex circuit with large frequency deviation) or direct generation of an ultrasonic frequency through the chip (circuit simple and stable), here is for everyone Recommend an ultrasonic atomization chip WT2003H B007 with voice playback function.

This is a low-cost, simple circuit, high-integration built-in 400 seconds voice can be directly pushed 8 ohm 0.5 speaker playback, adjustable ultrasonic frequency (1.7M-3MHZ) output ultrasonic drive, touch button, 10-bit AD detection, serial port All-in-one voice chip that controls various output modes.

The circuit design of the humidifier sleeper

The single-chip circuit is simple, low-cost, and highly integrated with multiple devices, which reduces the number of materials and costs, and at the same time makes the product design of the atomizer simpler and faster:

  1. 6 touch buttons control
  2. Support for external white noise and music storage voice, up to high-quality 32K sampling 60 minutes voice content.
  3. The built-in chip power amplifier can be used if the volume is less than 90DB, and the external power amplifier can be used to drive the volume greater than 90DB.
  4. 5 levels of volume indicator, 3 timing time 30, 60, 90 minutes indicator.
  5. Diversified RGB color night light modes.
  6. The simple atomization film drives the atomization function, and the fan blows out the atomization effect.
The circuit design of the MCU control scheme

The solution uses MCU + WT2003H B007 chip, the circuit is simple, customers can freely develop personalized functions according to their needs:

  1. The external MCU only needs two pins of TXD and RXD serial ports to freely control the internal music playing and ultrasonic atomization of the chip.
  2. The WT2003H B007 chip has a built-in automatic water level detection function.
  3. Support external FLASH to store white noise and music, and store voice up to support high-quality 32K sampling 60 minutes of voice content.
  4. Built-in chip power amplifier can be used for volume less than 90dB, and external power amplifier can be used for volume greater than 90dB.
  5. Built-in power supply voltage detection function, can query or set the threshold output signal through the serial port.
  6. The simple atomization film drives the atomization function, and the fan blows out the atomization effect.

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